We designed four spacious rooms, each one with its own distinctive personality. They’re not only beautiful and bright, but they’re also even named after the cardinal point and orientation towards which they face: Argentario, Vulci, Cassero and Tarocchi. 🧭

The rooms are designed to let you sleep so deep you will not want to wake up, but don’t try any trick, please! And if in the evening you get grumpy, there’s a communal relaxation area on the floor with a fridge, kettle and herbal tea: it’s never too early to feel like an old grumpy man. ☕

In the morning, then, a tasty breakfast will be waiting for you and, since we know you miss your mother’s sweet awakenings, we thought to cuddle you with cakes and sweets, to let you start the day with the right charge. 🍰



If you always travel with your useless huge suitcase full of clothes, Vulci is the room suited for you. You’ll have a huge walk-in closet, and the room is super spacy! 👠The contemporary and functional furniture won’t make you feel homesick (who doesn’t?!), plus we thought all kind of comforts for you: private bathroom equipped with shower, a complete towel set, hairdryer, guest courtesy kit, flat screen TV, wi-fi, heating and air conditioning. We’re sure you’ll feel so comfortable that at some point we’ll have to kick you out, since when you fall in love, it’s hard to leave. We know, or rather we don’t, because we are very much in love, but we imagine it. 💔


If you hate sleeping alone but no one wants to share your bed since you keep moving, Argentario is your ideal solution. A double room that allows you to split the bed in 2 single beds (perfect in case of grumpy tea-drinkers), with a French window overlooking the courtyard horse chestnuts and the surrounding hills. And when you want to enjoy some alone time, look out over the garden, close your eyes and take a deep breath and fill your lungs with the scents of Maremma. 🌳 You will enjoy a real oasis of peace and tranquillity, while others will relax in the absence of your reproachful expression immersed in the modern and functional design of the room with private bathroom equipped with shower, a complete towel set, hairdryer, a guest courtesy kit, a flat screen TV, free wi-fi, heating and air conditioning.


If you think “three” is the perfect number, Cassero is the room for you. Equipped with a double bed and a single sofa bed – always remember the grumpy tea-drinker – for three guests, it is a spacious and bright room that overlooks the charming village of Manciano. ⛪ It’s designed with contemporary and functional style, while the room offers the utmost comfort: private bathroom with shower, equipped with a full towel set, hairdryer, guest courtesy kit, flat screen TV, wi-fi, heating, air conditioning and blah, blah, blah, because its real strength is its exclusive terrace, where you can enjoy a beer, two beers, three beers getting lost talking about the meaning of life while the sun gently drops over the village rooftops. 🍻


But if you’re never satisfied, your suitcase is oversized, you’re grumpy and you’re practically sleepless, the Tarocchi apartment is exactly what you are looking for. Or, given the circumstances, you might want to postpone your holiday… or maybe it’s exactly what you need! But let’s be nice and describe it anyway: it’s a large, contemporary flat for up to four people, made of a double bed equipped room and a double sofa bed equipped room. 🛋️ And if you love trying your hand 🍽️ Since we would never want to run into your wrath, we offer you some comforts: a private bathroom with a huge shower, equipped with a complete towel set, hairdryer, guest courtesy kit, flat screen TV, wi-fi, heating and air conditioning.



It is not a holiday without a few hours spent outdoors, to oxygenate the lungs and regenerate the spirit. The externals of La Pianaccia are designed for total immersion in nature and silence, where the only sounds will be the chirping of birds, the rustle of the leaves produced by the wind and the little voices of the guests exclaiming “What a clean air!”, followed by Valeria muttering from the kitchen something like “Welcome in Tuscany, dude!”. Pure poetry. 🌳

In our garden, surrounded by olive trees, you will find an opportunity to relax in every corner: a comfortable sofa, a hammock – almost impossible to conquer – and a gazebo with tables and chairs to shelter you from the sun on the hottest days. Read a book, as your mother suggested, savour a glass of Tuscan wine, as your grandfather used to say, or admire the sky dotted with stars in the evening. 🌟Do you like it? No? So come and try yourself!

You may happen to meet some special guests: they are our beloved and very spoiled landlords, dogs and cats, who have now become our mascots. Bring your pets too, they will be welcome and in good company!🐾